Actor, Improviser, Writer, Filmmaker, Podcaster: and all this according to his website! UCBT Teams: Calico (Harold Night), Promises (Harold Night), Cardinal Goose (UCB Digital Team.) Co-Host of Cage Match. Co-Host of Indie Cage Match (ft. Brief Dragon.) Former UCBW Tag Team Champion. The Trial ASP cast member. Other Shows/Teams: Brief Dragon, Improvised Gilmore Girls, Doorman, Hamford, Big Kitten Co-Host of "Who's That Pokémon?" podcast! Less Than Rent Theatre Company Member. Actor/Director with The Story Pirates. Creator of Moonfarts. Founder and EVP of Business Lunch Productions. Graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center. And he's from Brooklyn!

Legit/Theatrical: Seeking
Management: Seeking
Commercial: Seeking


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